Youth Mental Health First Aid

This two-day course qualifies you as a youth mental health first-aider.

Youth mental health first-aiders have:

  • an in depth understanding of young people’s mental health and factors that affect well being
  • practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues
  • confidence to reassure and support a young person in distress
  • enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening
  • knowledge to help a young person recover their health by guiding them to further support – whether that’s through self-help sites, their place of learning, the NHS, or a mix – engaging with parents, carers and external agencies where appropriate
  • ability to support a young person with a long term mental health issue or disability to thrive
  • tools to look after their own mental well being

Session one, morning of day one

  • the youth MHFA action plan
  • definition of mental health
  • adolescent development
  • common youth mental health disorders
  • preventing mental health issues
  • promoting well being and protective factors

Session two, afternoon of day one

Depression and anxiety

  • what are depression and anxiety disorders?
  • signs and symptoms
  • possible causes
  • youth MHFA action planning

Session three, morning of day two


  • the facts about suicide
  • possible warning signs
  • crisis first aid for suicidal behaviour


  • what is psychosis?
  • signs of psychosis
  • youth MHFA action planning
  • treatment and resources for psychosis

Session four, afternoon of day two

Self-harm and eating disorders

  • what are they?
  • why are they important?
  • possible causes
  • signs and symptoms
  • treatment and resources
  • youth MHFA action planning

The course content is delivered via. a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions.  Each session is built around a Youth Mental Health First Aid action plan.

Everyone who completes the course receives a youth mental health first aid manual and workbook, to keep and refer to whenever they need it, and a certificate of attendance to say they are a youth mental health first-aider.

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TVTSA Teaching School Agreement

Date: TBC (2020/21)

Time: 9.15am-4.30pm

Location: Tuxford Academy

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