Taster Sessions

As we support the National Church of England Academy through its journey as an aspirant  teaching school, we are hosting popular TVTSA professional development programmes in Hucknall at specially discounted rates for delegates in the local area.

The courses run throughout the academic year and are available for all TVTSA members and non-members to access.

Taster sessions

  • Science: Science Leader Bootcamp – facilitated by Nicola Beverley – 26 April 2019, 12.45-3.45pm
  • EYFS: Introduction to Excellence in Early Years – 27 February 2019, 1-3pm
  • Maths: White Rose Maths Schemes – Explored! – 18 March, 3.30-5.30pm
  • Literacy: Reading and Language Development in the Primary Phase – 2 April 2019, 1.30-3.30pm

Science subject leader boot camp

A busy and high stakes curriculum, focused largely on English and Maths, may have distracted you and your school from considering outcomes for children in science in recent years. This circumstance was raised initially by Sir Michael Wilshaw (Ofsted HMCI’s Monthly Commentary – May 2016) as a matter of concern. He stated that science had become a ‘poor relation’ to English and maths in many schools and that ‘the focus on the so-called ‘3 Rs’ had pushed other compulsory subjects, notably science… to the margins of the curriculum.’ He urged schools to increase both the time committed to science and teacher expertise in teaching science, when seeking to improve outcomes for children.

In the past year the current Ofsted HMCI, Amanda Spielman, has reinforced this, calling herself for a broadening of curriculum, amongst other things, to ensure that children have a more balanced learning experience across primary, and enhanced status for science in its position as a core subject.

This afternoon taster session will provide you with a range of ideas to use to kick start, review or re-boot the leadership of science in your school. The programme will include:

  • Essential updates – raising awareness of influencing factors that need to be considered and planned for, as well as providing crucial information about what’s out there (much of it free and fabulous) to support you and your colleagues
  • Leading science – making a difference to those around you
  • Key topics – assessment and working scientifically, must-dos, quick wins and practical ideas to inspire others and bring about change

EYFS taster session – enabling early years environments

The impact of a child’s surroundings on their development has been well documented over the years. Friedrich Froebel (1800) compared the designing of an environment for children to planning an organic and ever changing garden, which can inspire and guide children’s imagination and behaviour. The pioneer Margaret McMillan (1930) also said, ‘We are trying to create an environment where education will almost be inevitable’.

Your environment is more than simply the planned space in the setting – it is everything that is encountered from the point of entry to the setting to the point of departure. There are many ‘invisible’ influences on the environment, such as the choices you make on how materials are presented and how they are positioned within the environment to make the space thoroughly inviting.

Come along and join us as we carefully unpick what an enabling environment looks like and how it supports the child and the teacher in making learning irresistible. An opportunity will be available for practitioners to share their own environment and the success they have had in the designing of these. The session will also provide practitioners with a 360-environment audit tool to explore how to further maximize upon learning within their own settings. Time will also be allocated to network with colleagues and share practical and purposeful resources.

Please note
Attendees are kindly encouraged to bring images of their indoor provision to share with colleagues during our discussions. In addition to this we will hold an EYFS marketplace to showcase any exciting new resources practitioners may have recently found useful (books, games, apps and websites to name a few possibilities).

Maths taster session – White Rose Maths Schemes – Explored!

Do your pupils find the new primary maths approach challenging? Our primary SOLs help you teach for deep and lasting understanding by changing mindsets and building confidence as well as skills. To help you get the very best from these valuable materials, this session gives you all the practical information, guidance and inspiration you need to implement, deliver and manage these SOLs in your primary school. Your trainer will advise on how to implement the SOLs in your school, from mixed age classes to large, multi-form entry settings.

This session is ideal for all teachers and maths leads who are or may be involved in delivering or managing WRM’s Schemes of Learning in primary schools.

Literacy taster session – ‘Reading and writing float on a sea of talk’ (James Britton)

Aimed at key stage 1 and 2 teachers, this session will focus on the significance of children being able to understand what they are reading as well as being able to decode. Just because a child can decode a text doesn’t mean that they will know what the words mean. The 2014 National Curriculum highlights that decoding and the understanding of a text are different processes. So, how can we ensure that we are not just testing comprehension but we are teaching it? Comprehension is vital to enjoyment and this session will show how through the use of reading journals, children can engage with texts and learn to comprehend successfully.

Whilst reading builds vocabulary, comprehension also depends on the reader commanding a rich vocabulary. The readers understanding of words will help with their comprehension. Come along to see how vocabulary can be taught to build up word familiarity. To conclude the session, we will also look at how illustrations and art can develop comprehension skills.

Date: various

Location: National Church of England Academy

Duration: 2 or 3 hour sessions

Delivered by: TVTSA

Costs: introductory offer – half price at £25 each or £50 for all four courses – open to members and non-members

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