Primary Numeracy Leadership Development Group

Led by an experienced primary teacher, numeracy coordinator and numeracy work group leader for the NCETM, TVTSA is offering six network meetings for colleagues and coordinators to explore effective practice for teaching numeracy.

Each session will be developed in collaboration with all members of the group to provide six sessions that engage and support the needs of all those attending.

These sessions will hope to ensure all practitioners:

  • are able to discuss and collaborate with other numeracy leaders regularly to provide a supportive network and guidance as they are developing their leadership roles
  • are given the opportunity to explore a range of resources that are showing a particular success in schools,
  • feel they can promote and engage pupils with a love of mathematical learning.

The first two sessions are provided below. The outline for the following four sessions will be discussed in session 1.

Session 1

Bringing concepts to life – How does the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach support learners to bring maths to life and give them a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Session 2

Success with reasoningExploring quality reasoning and problem solving tasks that draw in a range of mathematical concepts.

Session 3

Evaluation of timetable teaching Discussing a range of resources, methods and whole school approaches to timestables.

Session 4

Variation theory – Review of variation theory and how this supports pupils making connections between objectives, skills and calculations.

Session 5

Reasoning – Review of whole school progression teaching verbal and written reasoning from EYFS to year 6.

Session 6

Moderation – Moderation of Y2, Y4 and Y6 work with a professional discussion about the expectations of each year group and assessment of age related expectations.

Our terms and conditions

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before you book your place.

TVTSA Teaching School Agreement

Dates: TBC (2020/21)

Location: Tuxford Academy

Duration: 1.30-3pm

Delivered by: TVTSA

Costs: £50 (ex VAT) / Free to members

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