Mind Management Masterclass

Building resilience, happiness and wellbeing in your work and life!

Are you struggling to balance life and work? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted at times throughout the year? Do you worry about others around you burning out? You’re not alone.

Press the pause button for a moment and join us for a thought provoking, practical and engaging workshop to help people in schools get in a good place and stay there for longer. This workshop is open to teaching and non-teaching staff – leaders and influencers at all levels.

In this 3 hour workshop you will gain insight into the human mind, to better understand what makes you and others tick, and do the things we do. Open your mind to explore what’s at the root of the challenges you face and develop essential strategies to better deal with conflict and stress, and find a better work-life blend. Reflect and work together to optimise your wellbeing, and support others to do the same. Learn how to fix your own oxygen mask so you can better support others around you, because it starts with you!

About Sabrina

Sabrina is a trained and credentialed mindset and leadership coach with a talent and skill for moving people and schools forward.  Based in Loughborough, with a background in Education, her understanding of people and compassion for all is second to none. She relished her experience working under Consultant Psychiatrist and best-selling author Professor Steve Peters. Working with his ‘Chimp Model’ to share the inner workings of the human mind and the psychological skills that we can all develop to reach our highest potential.  She’s now the founder of MindSetMatch™, helping leaders at all levels to develop the skills to lead a life they love, and work together creatively, to inspire change and maximise potentials. In working with teams, her style has been described as engaging, entertaining and varied, her content thought provoking and life-changing.

Some kind words from people Sabrina has worked with…

“This course was really worthwhile and I feel like the strategies learnt will help me both professionally and personally.  It included a good mix of scientific theory and active participation.” Anna, NQT, Hampshire.

“I have energy for the right things… I am able to switch off and feel more rested and positive than at any other time in my professional life.” Helen, Headteacher, Wolverhampton.

“Sabrina is an engaging presenter, her style of delivery is varied, pacy and slick. She delivers an entertaining presentation, her content is thought provoking and simply life changing!” Alan, School Leader, High Wycombe.

“Learning how to manage my emotional health is probably the most important thing I’ve been taught because that is the lesson that has had the most impact on my life.” Y11 Student, Huddersfield.

Date: 21 June 2019

Location: Tuxford Academy

Duration: ½ day, 9am-12pm

Costs: £50 (ex VAT) / 1 unit for members

Delivered by: Sabrina Francis, Mindset and Leadership Coach

Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance