Our vision and mission

In This Section

Our mantra is ‘excellence through partnership’, which is underpinned by a commitment to the continued development of teaching and learning, so that all our students achieve their potential and are prepared for the future world.

Our alliance members have access to high quality professional development including training and collaborative development opportunities.

Our guiding principles

  • Focus on improving outcomes for all learners
  • Ensure a culture of highly effective coaching and mentoring
  • Celebrate diversity and individuality
  • Sustain high quality provision
  • Embrace change that leads to improvement


  • To recruit, enthuse and support highly qualified trainees to the teaching profession
  • To recognise and develop talent and aspirations in all colleagues so that they might enjoy exciting professional and career opportunities
  • To research, develop and share effective teaching and learning strategies that enhance classroom practice
  • To inspire colleagues to develop leadership skills and accreditation
  • To develop mutually beneficial, collaborative strategies in order to ensure effective partnerships
  • To provide a range of high quality CPD opportunities
Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance