School experience programme

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One of the best ways to find out if a career in teaching is right for you is to spend some time in a classroom and speak to experienced staff.

‘The support from the teaching school staff at Tuxford Academy is second to none. The staff are always willing to support you in any aspect of your training year; whether it is personal or academic.’
Ashleigh Day, former School Direct geography trainee

The School Experience Programme (SEP) has been developed by the Department for Education to allow people interested in getting into teaching the chance to gain first hand experience. As part of this initiative, our school experience days offer the opportunity to observe lessons, meet current trainees and mentors, and discuss the various routes into teaching with our experts – in both primary and secondary settings.

Further information

  • Details of eligibility to train to teach can be found on the Get Into Teaching website
  • You will receive an agenda a week before the event from the school you have applied to
  • School experience delegates will be accompanied at all times, and on arrival, photo ID will need to be presented
  • There is a £10 administration charge on application for a school experience day, which is is payable by bank transfer

Primary school experience days 2019/20

10 October 2019Worksop Priory Primary SchoolS80 2LJ
14 November 2019St Oswald’s C of E AcademyDN9 3EQ
5 December 2019Queen Eleanor Primary SchoolNG23 7EQ
16 January 2020Samuel Barlow Primary AcademyNG21 9DG
13 February 2020Tuxford Primary AcademyNG22 0NA
19 March 2020Wainwright Primary AcademyNG19 6TF
23 April 2020Bracken Lane Primary AcademyDN22 7EU
21 May 2020Thrumpton Primary AcademyDN22 7AQ
11 June 2020Kneesall Primary SchoolNG22 0AB

Secondary school experience days 2019/20

3 October 2019Tuxford AcademyNG22 0JH
7 October 2019Walton AcademyNG31 7JR
10 October 2019National Church of England AcademyNG15 7DB
4 November 2019Retford Oaks AcademyDN22 7NJ
21 November 2019Tuxford AcademyNG22 0JH
21 November 2019East Leake AcademyLE12 6QN
10 December 2019Walton AcademyNG31 7JR
13 January 2020Retford Oaks AcademyDN22 7NJ
23 January 2020Tuxford AcademyNG22 0JH
30 January 2020Walton AcademyNG31 7JR
13 February 2020National Church of England AcademyNG15 7DB
12 March 2020Tuxford AcademyNG22 0JH
12 March 2020East Leake AcademyLE12 6QN
25 March 2020Walton AcademyNG31 7JR
27 April 2020Retford Oaks AcademyDN22 7NJ
7 May 2020Tuxford AcademyNG22 0JH
7 May 2020East Leake AcademyLE12 6QN
14 May 2020National Church of England AcademyNG15 7DB
18 June 2020Tuxford AcademyNG22 0JH

Special educational needs school experience day (covers both primary and secondary) 2019/20

30 January 2020Yeoman Park AcademyNG19 8PS
26 March 2020Yeoman Park AcademyNG19 8PS
11 June 2020Yeoman Park AcademyNG19 8PS
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