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Applications for School Direct (2020/21) are now closed. 

All primary places are run in partnership with either Nottingham Trent University or the University of Derby.

Nottingham Trent University – 37M5
University of Derby – 3FSV

  • Bracken Lane Primary Academy, Retford, DN22 7EU
  • East Markham Primary School, Newark, NG22 0RG
  • Everton Primary School, Doncaster, DN10 5BJ | FILLED for 2020/2021
  • Gamston Primary School, Retford, DN22 0PE
  • Mattersey Primary School, Doncaster, DN10 5ED | FILLED for 2020/2021
  • Maun Infant and Nursery School, New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9RJ
  • Misterton Primary School, Doncaster, DN10 4EF
  • North Wheatley Primary Academy, Retford, DN22 9DH
  • Ordsall Primary School, Retford, DN22 7SL | FILLED for 2020/2021
  • Prospect Hill Academy, Worksop, S81 0LR | FILLED FOR 2020/2021
  • Queen Eleanor Primary School, Newark, NG23 7EQ
  • Redgate Primary Academy (special educational needs), Mansfield, NG19 6EL | FILLED FOR 2020/2021
  • Samuel Barlow Primary Academy, Mansfield, NG21 9DG | FILLED FOR 2020/2021
  • St Oswald’s C of E Academy, Doncaster, DN9 3EQ | FILLED FOR 2020/2021
  • St Swithun’s C of E Primary School, Retford, DN22 6LD
  • Thrumpton Primary Academy, Retford, DN22 7AQ
  • Tuxford Primary Academy, Newark, NG22 0NA | FILLED FOR 2020/2021
  • Wainwright Primary Academy, Mansfield, NG19 6TF | FILLED for 2020/2021
  • Worksop Priory C of E Primary School, Worksop, S80 2LJ 
  • Yeoman Park Academy (special educational needs), Mansfield, NG19 8PS |  FILLED for 2020/2021

Applications for School Direct (2020/21) are now closed. 

Tuxford AcademyRetford Oaks AcademyNational C of E AcademyWalton AcademyEast Leake AcademyQueen Elizabeth’s AcademyYeoman Park Academy (special educational needs)
SubjectUCAS code
PhysicsNottingham Trent University - 296C
University of Derby - AT15 (SEND)
ChemistryBishop Grossteste - F768
Nottingham Trent University - 2MG8
University of Derby - AT14 (SEND)
BiologyBishop Grossteste - V023
Nottingham Trent University - 2M96
University of Derby - AT13 (SEND)
EnglishBishop Grossteste - V113
Nottingham Trent University - 37MJ
University of Derby - AT16 (SEND)
MathsBishop Grossteste - S257
Nottingham Trent University - 37M8
University of Derby - AT17 (SEND)
Loughborough University - AT17
Design and technologyBishop Grossteste - S644
Nottingham Trent University - 2X3T
HistoryBishop Grossteste - R954
Nottingham Trent University - 37MK
GeographyBishop Grossteste - H390
Nottingham Trent University - 37PH
University of Derby - AT18 (SEND)
Religious educationBishop Grossteste - W236
Nottingham Trent University - 2X9X
BusinessBishop Grossteste - D438
Nottingham Trent University - 37NW
Computer scienceBishop Grossteste - F640
Nottingham Trent University - 37NZ
DanceNottingham Trent University - 296C
DramaBishop Grossteste - Q061
Nottingham Trent University - 37P4
MFL - FrenchBishop Grossteste - F365
Nottingham Trent University - 37Q5
MFL - SpanishBishop Grossteste - F365
Nottingham Trent University - AT21
MFL - GermanBishop Grossteste - W426
Nottingham Trent University - AT20
Social sciencesBishop Grossteste - K353
Nottingham Trent University - 35TD
ArtBishop Grossteste - B832
Nottingham Trent University - 37M5
Physical educationNottingham Trent University - 37QF
Loughborough University - 37QK
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