Designated OLEVI partner

As a designated OLEVI Centre we share OLEVI’s aims and ethos. We are licensed to facilitate the full range of OLEVI programmes and can provide accreditation and quality assurance. You can see the whole range of programmes, including OLEVI programmes here.

OLEVI’s Vision

OLEVI believe that every child deserves the best quality of education, with the highest standards in teaching and learning outcomes to ensure their futures are as bright as they could be.

OLEVI’s aims are to:

  • drive up standards in the quality of teaching in schools nationally and around the world
  • create a successful teaching and learning culture that leaves a lasting legacy
  • ensure all schools become centres of excellence in the enhancement of teaching and pedagogic leadership, improving learning outcomes for all.
  • “When every student, in every school, enjoys outstanding teaching and learning, our work will be done.”

How they achieve their aims

The groundbreaking programmes that make up the OLEVI Teaching & Learning Syllabus have become a key part of the portfolio of school-to-school support and have made a significant impact on raising the standards of teaching throughout the UK and worldwide – with consequent improvements in learning outcomes for pupils – and helped raise schools to levels of outstanding achievement.

Developed by teachers for teachers, their powerful, highly effective, teaching and learning programmes support, develop and inspire teachers, as well as support staff and headteachers, to achieve their very best – and lead success.

OLEVI’s programmes are not prescriptive, but seek to build on the teaching wisdom already in place in your own and partner schools. Designed around a framework of collaboration, our programmes enhance the leadership of teaching and learning, building a coaching ethos to support change and help develop a culture of continual, sustained improvement within schools.